Michael Edgson  

Mike is a freelance artist who works as an art technician in order to fund his own work, and his obsession with envisaging, making, painting, and playing with small plastic models. Check out his website.

Owen Elliott

Owen has, like Mike, been involved in the gaming scene for a great many years. His primary interest is in the creation and modification of miniatures of all genres. He is a specialist learning support assistant for secondary school students with ASD.

George Nummelin

George is the most recent convert to gaming of the team, having been initiated/coerced less than a year ago. However, the obsession has taken hold and she is currently working on her painting skills primarily. She is also involved in a collaborative music and art project at the School of Oriental and African Studies with Flora Parrott. You can find out more about this at www.georgettenummelin.com